Monday, January 13, 2014

Coach Assist

Regular season basketball is over and now Lucas and Eli are in the midst of tournaments.  Saturdays are consumed with all day basketball....luckily the boys play in gyms that are either in the same building or close. So far the game times have overlapped so Mike and I separate and each watch a game.

Saturdays' tournament game for Eli proved to be eventful for him.  The kid gives 110% to whatever sport he is doing, full out from start to stop.  He is also the boy who would have to have a limb severed before he'd admit to being hurt.

Half way through the last of three games he had to come of the court, limping with a nasty leg cramp.  It took quite awhile for him to be able to walk on it, then he reentered the game and was on the court about 2 minutes when he got another cramp in the opposite leg and this one put him in a fetal position in the middle of the court, his coach went out and had to physically carry him back to the bench....that one put him out of the game.

He had never had a leg cramp and had no clue what was happening.  He did learn the lesson of listening when mom is pushing fluids and also the newest word in his vocabulary....potassium.  I'm hoping his coach doesn't have a hernia because that boy is solid muscle.

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