Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Listen To This Not That

I can tell you from experience (I'm the youngest of 5) younger siblings do not like nor want to always listen to their "older" siblings when being told to do something.  What can I say, we youngings of the family are independent and probably spoiled.

Lucas and Eli have the awesome placement of the younger siblings with three older sisters....yep they sure don't always appreciate the helpful advice, directions or orders coming their way.  Then there are the times when your older sister, the elementary teacher, needs your one of a kind assistance for a school project, then they give their undivided attention and cooperation.

Rachel needed two, empty Pringle potato chip cans for a teaching tool.  She came home with the Pringles and asked if it'd be okay for the boys to eat the chips so she could use the cans.  Mom that I am, assumed that she would bag the chips and just let Lucas and Eli eat them at some point.  That assumption was wrong.

Lucas ate the entire can before I realized what was happening and Eli would have devoured his if he hadn't been at basketball practice.  After I pointed out that the ensuing stomach ache was self induced with the aid of an older sister and that perhaps he should use a certain amount of self discipline (I wasn't real sympathetic) Lucas' statement...."you tell me to listen to the sisters and then you tell me not to listen to the sisters...girls are confusing and you're a girl mom!"  Oh but his education in the male art of listening to what women say and doing what they intend not what the actual words say.  Good luck buddy!

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