Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This What They Said About Raising Boys

This week has been a little rough for Lucas in the sport of baseball.  On Monday night he took a chest hit from a wild pitch, knocked the wind out of him but in usual fashion he kept going, iced it over night but he is absolutely convinced that his heart is "beeping" funny.

Then at last night's game he took a ball to the mouth, adding insult to injury, the ball was thrown in warm up between innings by a team mate.  This one put him down on the ground which let me tell you takes a lot to knock him down and more to keep him there.  Accident but bloody and scared us, the coaches and umpires.  A couple loose teeth that tightened back up over night, a split lip and a couple impressive holes in his lips from the teeth and a whole lot of swelling. His viewpoint after viewing the damage a couple hours later?  "Oh crap that hurt!"

I have to say that when we told people we were adopting boys into our daughters only household, I received so much teasing about whether or not I really thought I could handle the "world of boys".  Needless to say, those remarks are forever going through my head when some boy thing happens.  I hear my adult nephew talking about how his mom embarrassed him when he was injured in basketball by going out to check on him....that was going through my head last night as I'm looking at the coaches helping Lucas off the field.  I sat as Mike went to the dugout, then another mom headed over with more ice, then my sister (who was the offending mom to have dared go out on the court for her injured son) says that maybe I should check it out....I sat...for awhile....Mike gave me a couple updates and then I decided too bad he has a mom and he can just live with the embarrassment of having mom in his face...his bloody, swelling, misshapen face.  

Do you know what he mumbled at me when I said I wanted to look in his mouth? ......"No mom.  You don't want to look.  You don't like teeth!"  (I don't do wiggly teeth or pulling them...yuck!)  Well I put my big girl mommy pants on and said I could handle it.  We both survived the embarrassment and the grossness.  So for all those who thought I couldn't handle the "boy stuff"...ha I did and then I did what I wanted.  I probably will embarrass our boys but that's probably something they will just have to get used to, it comes with the territory.

Monday, June 4, 2012