Friday, March 14, 2014

Humor or Not

Busy, busy, busy.  I apologize....again....for the interruption.  Life has a way of picking up too much speed and I seem to have my emergency brake set.  Hopefully life will cooperate and let me catch my breath.

In this vortex of family busyness I seem to have developed a very warped and juvenile sense of humor.  I didn't realize this until last night driving home from supper with Lucas, Eli and Rachel.  I literally could not stop laughing from the antics and "jokes" the boys were pulling off in the car.  I thought it was hilarious until I looked over at Rachel and saw a look of disgust and definitely no laughter.

I took stock of the hilarity and although I still think it was all funny I realized my humor has probably slid backwards about 30+ years and morphed into a teenage boys' world of humor.  This world consists of really, really lame jokes, noises and grunts.  This world is not appreciated by many outside of the teenage boy world.  I, unfortunately for our daughters, seem to have taken up residence in this world....oh well I survived their "girly world of drama", they will survive mine and their brothers world of humor or we will all grow up, hopefully still laughing but this time at the same things.