Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Time Flying By...We Are Here

Amazing how life is interrupted by life.  The last 6 months have really flown.  Lucas has started Jr. High (no I was not and still am not ready for that) and Eli is in the 6th grade.  Summer baseball finished and now life revolves around football practice and games.  This week's game highlights, Eli scored 6 touchdowns for his team and Lucas had 2 touchdowns last night (one was 65 yards).  Needless to say they love sports, all kinds.

I feel bad about not keeping up on the blog.  We've had so many emails and calls checking for updates.   I will endeavor to do better.  Thanks for your continued interest in the boys they are two very special individuals.
There is never a dull moment even when mom is saying "stop it!"