Friday, July 6, 2012

Mom...How Much Did I Cost?

Surprises with Eli never stop coming.  Especially when driving with him by myself.  I have come to realize that on any solo journey with him I am most likely going to hit the brakes or nearly run off the road....I'm just saying, "People...if you see a black SUV hang back, it could be us."

We were so close to making it all the way home last night without one of his deep thought provoking, soul touching, make your heart hurt comments....we didn't make it.  Looking back it was probably 3-4 minutes of silence leading up to this, I should have keyed in. 

He pivoted his head toward me from the passenger seat and said, "Hey Mom."  We have been trying to break this habit of starting out everything with I zeroed in and said, "There is no hey in front of my name."  Undeterred he replied, "Hey Mom, how much did I cost in the Philippines?  I mean how much did you have to buy me for?"

So for the next 5 miles I had to explain the cost to governments, the cost of paperwork, the cost of travel and no we did not buy him or Lucas.  No I cannot take the simple explanations to him....he is tenacious when he is serious.....let me clue you he was serious.  I'm not sure how this one popped into his mind.  I asked if he'd heard someone talking, he says no but from the quiet after my answers I'm guessing someone (adult or kid) said something.  I asked later if he had other questions about his adoption his answer, "Not now but I will."  Please oh please may they be somewhere other than a motor vehicle.