Thursday, April 26, 2012


This post had absolutely nothing to do about the boys or adoption or anything other than a mini rant on my part about the changes that are occurring with BLOGGER.  I wonder if the "techie" people who think it's hilarious to mess with us out here on the other side of the computer have a clue as to what they are doing or are simply changing things to justify a job. 

I can handle change, really I can....stop laughing.  I handle change when change makes life easier, improves the overall picture of whatever but tech people "improving" need the guidance of a non-tech person to say, hey if it ain't  broke don't fix it.

BLOGGER has managed to update their site to the point of non use, it's difficult to navigate and for those blogging it's kind of utilitarian on this side of the blog.  Very institutional.  Not high tech, plain yuck.  I live with a tech person (sorry Mike) and he's not always right the first time either,  BLOGGER you need to go back to the drawing board and maybe come out from behind your "big idea people" and ask the people who use your product....don't fix it if it ain't broken.  There.  Done with my rant.  Thanks for the therapy and now I will go forward and relearn this site so that once I have, Blogger can change it again.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

All God's Creatures

This past week-end has been a little rough on the boys. We are massively cleaning and painting in preparation for Sydney's high school graduation. Lots of changes plus it drives home the idea that Sydney will be leaving home for college and they don't do well with change. Rachel was already living at college when Lucas and Eli came home from the Philippines.

As you can probably guess their stress level is high, my stress level is high...never a thing that should occur at the same time....ever. We've experienced a high amount of time outs, pouting, fit throwing, crying and general all out not from me but it was close.

This morning we ran down to see my mom for a little bit and on the way home the boys were still in a (shall we say) contemplative make up your own details. As we were driving out of town on our way home some crazed robins decided to fly out in front of us. From the back seat we hear Eli say, "Dad. You must not hit the birds, they are God's birds, he made them, do not hit them. Do not run over any of God's animals." This was said in a very serious tone which coming from Eli doesn't happen often. Then Mike received a 2 minute lecture on what was made by God and what Mike was not allowed to run over in case he was overcome by mayhem.

Oh but that did not end our Godly talk. We were then subjected to both Lucas and Eli's definitions, descriptions and categorization of.....heaven and hell. What type of people go there and when. Needless to say Mike and I probably weren't the most "adult" about the conversation. I don't understand where they get this stuff, is it boys or just these two?

Needless to say after safeguarding Gods' creatures from Mike's careless driving they are (for the moment) happily helping with the preparations. Hope there isn't a squirrel out in the yard that needs saving!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Wonderful Lady Who Will Be Missed

I know that title sounds like someone has died. No. No one has died in the true sense but it sure feels like a death of sorts. Two and a half years ago we were on our way to finishing our home study and traveling to bring the boys home. At that time we were working with the local school and a wonderful English Language Learning consultant.

Mary, the consultant, holds a doctorate and probably more degrees than a thermometer but more importantly she has a passion for kids who are undertaking an overwhelming task of learning English. She not only cares for the kids but for the families. To sit across a table from her and listen to her speak about the brain of an ELL student, their learning hurdles, their native language and the steps a child will take on the journey to English is humbling to say the least. It is an experience that I could wish for any internationally adoptive family.

This devoted lady learned recently that at the end of this school year she will no longer have her current job, serving ELL students and their families. Our legislature here in Iowa, in their infinite (not) wisdom and total understanding (not at all) has decided that this is an area to cut the educational budget.

At a time when law makers are making derogatory noises about our education system and teachers, they choose to cut a dedicated, professional person from the herd. You may argue that these lawmakers did not personally single out Mary, I disagree. I think that the legislature cut the employment area that has the least likely chance for backlash. Struggling families who are concentrating on their child's needs or who themselves are trying to master the American culture and English language are not constituents that they are too worried about.

As a true educational professional, Mary has chosen to take the high road with grace. Before leaving she is speaking to, training and providing materials to as many of the local teachers, school offices and families as possible. Even though she is leaving us, she has left us with a wealth of knowledge and most importantly a piece of her heart. We wish you all the best in the future, Mary, thank you for helping our specialized families.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Think He Missed Her

Our youngest daughter, Sydney, went to St. Louis last week-end for a choir/band school trip. She left at 4:00 a.m. Friday and returned Sunday around midnight.

Lucas and Sydney's bedrooms are downstairs and we figured that he may not like going to sleep downstairs by himself but he was convinced he could do it and who are we to contridict him...what do parents know?

Friday night he finally sacked out at 10:30, Saturday about 11:00 and Sunday because we promised Sydney would be home when he woke up he finally went to sleep at normal time.

Last night Sydney came up to us and asked, "Did Luke miss me?" I laughed and said, "You could say that." She said she wondered because he apparently checked on her location and what she was going to do next....all day....before school, after school, before supper, after supper, while she was studying. It was a little out of character as he's in the "I'm too cool for a big sister" phase for the last 2 months. I do believe he missed her....yep it won't last.