Friday, April 22, 2011

The Eggs They Are A'Hatching

Easter is quickly approaching and I'm scrambling to get all the pieces together. Last year....I remember last years' Easter....egg dying.....well they had fun.

They can't wait for a repeat performance. I had the day off from school today so I boiled the eggs to use for dyeing. Again, did I mention they can't wait. I've explained the eggs have to cool and we won't dye them until late afternoon.

Regardless of this, Eli checks the cooling eggs every 10 minutes. I was throwing some laundry in when I hear a screech from the kitchen. Ok. It wasn't the noise that tells you someone has just sliced off an appendage but still required checking.

Eli met me in the doorway to tell me the eggs were hatching! I was pretty confident this was not the case as they'd just been boiled for 10 minutes. He thought the 2 eggs that had cracked while cooling were in deed going to produce baby chickens. Yep. That was not a fun explanation.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who's In Charge?

If you were to ask Lucas and Eli that question you would probably hear, "Is Dad home?" Yep, for some reason they have once again developed the impression that Sydney and myself are incapable (as we are female) of taking care of "things" when Mike is away. He was at a church board meeting last night and you would have thought he shipped off to Siberia. I heard, "We go to bed at 8:30." "We need to feed the dogs." "We need to shut the machine shed door." "We take showers now." Are you catching on to a repetitive word in these sentences. One might think that they were simply reminding themselves of their chores......nope. That "WE" is translated into Mom and Sydney. They thought they could sit on the couch reading their books and direct the homestead in Dad's absence. All the aforementioned tasks were completed by the appropriate people.....did you have a doubt as to who was in charge....the boys don't either.....anymore.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Art of Selective Male Hearing and It's Limitations

It's a well known phenomenon of the males of the human species (at least by the female humans) that they acquire, develop and claim an auditory anomaly not developed (girls keep it real) by females.......selective hearing. Mike is so very proud of both his sons as they are practicing and developing this wonderful male skill at a high rate of speed. I can say something (anything really) and then I have to say it at least 3 more times before either Lucas or Eli acknowledge that I've spoken. Especially true if it's something they don't want to hear. Tonight I was teasing Lucas about his bedtime and that he misread the clock and that it was actually his bedtime. He was in the other room when I made the comment. He shot out of his room, looked at the clock and said, "No! It's 7:30 not 8:30." I said, "Wow. Lucas, why did I only have to say that once and you heard me the first time?" His answer, "Because. You are my mom, I have to listen to you." Hmmmm, wonder who I am all those other times I'm speaking and repeating and repeating.....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Who Were They?

I've been blessed to be in communication with several families who are adopting or have adopted older children from both the Philippines and China as well as the US. This support system is so valuable and trusted in a sort of weird way.

These wonderful families are here in the States, in Canada and Europe. I have never met these people or their children. I will probably never meet them. The internet sure does have the ability to shrink and expand our worlds' at the same time.

The network of "safe" people as I call them are pretty impressive people. Some of the questions that come up in adoptive parenting are not always easily understood in the same context by other parents. Things are not always as they may first appear. I can never tell these supportive people thank you enough.

One of the big things that Lucas is dealing with right now are memories and perceptions of his life in the Philippines. Who each of the people he knew were and how they were connected to him. Some of the "FUN" activities that he was allowed to do, he is now realizing were not always in his best interest. This has been a major sorting endeavor for all of us. A lot of it is a patchwork of information we received through documents and our adoption agency. What and who he remembers are through the eyes of a child who is now starting to realize that those memories aren't probably 100% reliable.

It's a tough struggle that I can only equate to the moment we adults first realize that our parents are actually human with all the faults and foibles of one. That the "favorite" aunt that watched you while mom or dad worked was in fact the baby sitter and got paid to do so. How we as adults look back and see in a new 20/20 view the realities of some of our own memories.

So to all of you out there, near and far, adoptive and biological parents, old friends and new thank you for letting us benefit from your experiences and for the listening ears. Your special to our family.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Battle at Sunday School

Who knew when sending your child off to Sunday School that they would return in a less than "pristine" condition. Yes we have experienced errant glue, glitter, the accidental cut of clothing and various markers, paint and ink stains. They are kids.

Unfortunately this morning Eli learned a tough rule in God's house. The streets of heaven are paved with gold and His house has heavy doors. Someone of the short stature opened a door into Eli's face. He has a wonderous bruise line that came real close to splitting his eye brow for what would probably be the 3rd time in his life. Maybe we should insist he wears his batting helmet to church? The picture doesn't do it justice to the bruise line but he wanted his picture with the story:)

Sunday School lesson for today: "Thou shall not walk too close to doors, lest they bust you in the face." Amen

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mohawk's Are Not For These Kids.....

thank goodness! This is one mom who did not, would not and will not ever have my kids sporting this particular fashion. Oh I'm fully aware that at some point and age I will be vetoed but for now I like to pretend I'm in control. At some point they will probably have longer hair than their standard trim but it's a ways down the road and further into my senility. Eli and Lucas have been infatuated with having Mohawks since they saw their first one in the airport on the way home from the Philippines. It was one of the first things Eli would pantomime wanting. This mom could play real dumb, unfortunately in this instance they learned the cuts' name and frequently tortured me (I'm the cheap person who cuts their hair nearly every week) with requests for the beloved Mohawk. We've let their hair grow for the past 3 weeks to see who would give in first.....depending on your view point the challenge ended tonight. With baseball and soccer season upon us they had to have hair cuts. So Eli was the first to go under the shears. I don't know why but I gave him a Mohawk. He had no clue until Mike came in and noticed what I was doing. Let's just say, Mike had been playing Switzerland on the Mohawk debate (good cop vs. mom cop) until he was faced with the reality. His reaction gave Eli a clue that something was not normal on his head. He ran to the mirror to look at the much anticipated locks.....yep.....he was mortified and demanded that it be removed IMMEDIATELY! His words, "I don't like it!" I didn't have to be asked twice. Lucas too opted to not mention the much requested style. He thought that he'd stick with the usual. Ha! Chalk one up for mom!