Sunday, July 28, 2013

What Did You Like Most?

Since we returned from Florida, Lucas and Eli are asked frequently what they liked most about the trip.  Usually their standard answers are, "All of it."  A person really has to push to get them to pick or talk about any one thing, I think there was just so much they literally can't choose.

One of Lucas' "memorable" if not favorite thing to happen was totally unrelated to any park, beach, air boat or road trip.  It was the moment he spotted the pool at our vacation rental.

He had been so busy checking out the rest of the house and helping to haul things in from the car that he had missed the pool in the back of the house.  The rest of our crew had migrated out to the patio and pool area and the next thing we hear is "wham!!"

I turned around toward the patio doors and what did I see?  Lucas on the other side of the glass doors, holding his head and a big old face print on the window of the door.  The kid spotted the pool and ran full out toward one ever said a 13 year olds' body and brain engage simultaneously.  I can joke about it now but then not so much...scared the poop out of us and dazed him.

By the time all of us on the outside got the doors open and to him inside, he had a big old goose egg on his forehead that he sported for 2 days and was shaking his head trying to clear the stars circling in front of his eyes.  So that is the story that Lucas is telling people about his trip to Florida.  The only good thing that came from that is he approached the patio doors and pool area with a whole lot more caution for the remainder of the trip.

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