Monday, July 29, 2013

What Did They Say?

Accents.  The boys are not used to hearing what they deem to be an accent outside of our Midwest accent.  When we hit the border of Tennessee and stopped at a restaurant the waitress came to take our order.  I knew by the open mouthed, bugged eyed looks the boys gave her that something, most likely uninhibited, was about to erupt from their mouths.

Luckily they held it together until we placed our order and she had left the table, then it was non stop questions.  "Mom, what's wrong with her voice?" (nothing) "Mom, I couldn't understand her."  (now they know why people sometimes ask them to repeat things) "Mom are we still in the United States?" (urghh!)  "Mom, how did they get that sound?"  (It's called an accent and I must have slept through my speech pathology classes that all adoptive parents had cause I basically winged that answer)

Needless to say accents have occupied a lot of our time these past two weeks.  Every time Eli hears accented speech he wants to know where that person is from and what they are saying.  My fear is that the next time we run into a person with an accent different from the boys' or ours that their curiosity will outweigh their manners and that person will become a specimen for their never ending quest to figure accents out.

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