Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Mom! I Skinned It!"

This past week-end we had a few bonfires (I'm not sure if it was for fun or for heat as it's unseasonably chilly in Iowa).  The older as well as the younger kids wanted to roast marshmallows and make smores.  Seems like a perfectly good waste of chocolate but I digress.
Eli has finally mastered the art of roasting the marshmallow without either burning it to charcoal or dropping it in the fire.  Unfortunately for him he hasn't mastered the skill of removing the marshmallow from the stick.

I was enjoying the quiet, the fire and relaxing (interpret as not paying close enough attention) I hear him scream from the opposite side of the bonfire...."Mom, I skinned it!"   I will be adding this to the book I am writing of 1001 things a mom does not want to hear come out of their childs' mouth.

He very disgustedly marched around the fire pit to show me that he'd peeled the outer part of the marshmallow off leaving the gooey center on the stick.  You would have to meet Eli, the kid does not like food touching and likes it even less when food leaves him sticky.  Needless to say he was done with the whole roasting/skinning experience. 

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