Friday, August 2, 2013

August Arrival

It makes me a little sad when August arrives.  August also makes me very tired.  It seems like the month is totally dedicated to all things school.  I work in an elementary office....I'll not bore you but just say yes people work before students arrive and it's long hours.  Sydney is preparing to return to college for her sophomore year, Rachel begins her student teaching in preparation for college graduation in December, Lucas and Eli are ready to return to school one day and not the next...either way there is a whole lot of school shopping that has to happen.

This August we added another task to the apparently the boys wore us (me) down to let them try football.  In the four years that the boys have been home I have never, ever seen Eli tired.  The third night into practice, he came home, cleaned up, flopped on the couch and sat there.  I asked him if he was tired.   His response, "Yes.  Football does that to me."

I honestly think the kid has never truly experienced tired.  He is just wired to go and go and go.  Lucas is absolutely absorbing everything football.  We had told their coach that their knowledge of football was limited and they'd have their work cut out for them trying to explain everything.  We've been so lucky not only with this sport but most every one the boys are involved in, to have coaches who will go above and beyond trying to explain and figure out ways for the boys to understand the sport.  It's one of those areas that most people don't realize that they weren't aware of until 4 years ago.

Either way I believe football has now been added to the August calendar and I think we have one day open that we might be able to squeeze that school shopping in.

I also got a huge grin out of these photos.  For 4 years I've been telling the boys to smile for pictures.  Here I told them not to and it just confused Eli (you can tell that) and Lucas just can not not smile in a photo.

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