Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Retraining Mom

I have been very lucky the last several weeks as Mike has been home in the morning to get the boys around and run them to school.  This morning my "mom" luck ran out, he had an early morning call and the boys and I were on our own.  I'm also pretty sure the boys "believed" they were on their own.

Every step that you can envision in getting a teenager and preteen ready for school was diligently and repeatedly explained to me....loudly.  You would imagine that I had just materialized from space with no prior working knowledge of the routine or them.  

Even as we pulled into the school parking lot, I was being instructed which lane to take, speed limit posting, drop off point and what I needed to do in order to pull out of the school parking lot.  To top everything off Lucas says, "Pooooor Dad.  He has to go to work.  I feel bad for him."   Excuse me!  I'm going to work too....every day....Dad works every day.  Apparently I missed the calendar posting of today as "Feel Sorry for your Dad and Harass Your Mother Day".

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