Sunday, April 28, 2013

Disney World Needs Funding

Everyone can rest assured that Disney Incorporated does not have financial concerns at this point.  Lucas and Eli's "funding" for our summer, family Disney World trip does.  They are totally in the mode of earning money in order to have money to spend at Disney World.  I am totally on board with supplying the chore list.

Today's chore was yard clean up.  Of course the fact that they got to burn the leaf piles may have been as much incentive as the money earned.....or the challenge of who could hold the rake with one finger the longest.  Either way the yard is getting cleaned, they did it without complaint and their Disney fund has money it it.  A winning start to spring clean up!

......and yes Eli is wearing snow boots and Lucas has sweat socks on with sandals....whatever gets the job done and I'm so saving this picture for later embarrassment.

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