Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Your Room Is Right There!

We have a new member to the family.  This one has 4 legs, a tail and long floppy ears and is seriously in adoration of Eli....his name is Jack.  He is a long haired dachshund and is five years old.  Did I mention that Eli is his main bud.....really mean it.

Jack is kennel trained although not his favorite place as Eli does not fit in there with him.  Eli thinks Jack is pretty special too...up to a point.   Jack loves Eli's bedroom also.  Eli is fussy about what and who comes into his room, it's his and he will tell you.  He tells Jack a lot.  Jack does not care.

As I was doing laundry and getting supper on the stove, I noticed Eli making several passes through the room with Jack trailing after him I knew some serious, one sided talking was going on.  Finally, after the fourth or fifth trip by me on the way to Jack's kennel I hear, "Jack!  Dude!  This is your room, that is my room, don't you speak English,  this is yours, that is mine.  Mom!  What language does Jack talk?"

So tonight after getting everyone in bed, you may wonder where  Jack ended up?  On the floor under Eli's bed with his nose sticking out with Eli's hand on top of Jack's head.  I had to wish it wasn't so dark in there it would have made a cute picture.  Oh well, I'll leave you with this one we took when we got home from the Humane to think the dog was happy with his new home.

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