Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Living In A Dictatorship Part 2

If you read my previous post you will know all about the newly formed dictatorship of Eli. The latest from inside the realm is the establishment of and no deviation allowed from the approved language of his regime....that being English! ONLY!

He is very proud of his English, as he should be, he's worked hard and has learned so much of a tough language. Unfortunately, his success has left little patience or acceptance of those of us within his kingdom who deviate from the "correct ENGLISH!" He is a one man language enforcement agency.

He corrects his brother (which does not go over well), he corrects his sisters (which he's been informed have been speaking English long before he could speak any language), he corrects us but so far respectfully as long as we comply, he corrects the tv (he may have to take over all communication networks as they are totally NOT SPEAKING English only).

Before everyone goes politically correct, we've had the talks about not everyone speaks English and that is perfectly fine. His answer....true dictator that he is...."I speak English now, only English, EVERYONE speak ENGLISH!"

So my warning to all of you, once he succeeds in taking over the networks, your diversification of language and the proper usuage of such is going to be, shall we say, affected.....except for his favorite word.....DUDE!

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