Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Unique If Nothing Else

Sometimes I'm not exactly sure what takes over Eli's mind and body. He is definitely a unique individual and never boring.

We have been trying to get him to read's not his favorite thing as it involves having to sit still and concentrate without pestering his brother, his sister or a is not easy...on anyone.

Except for the breakthrough we seem to have made tonight. He found a book that he was absolutely enthralled with, wouldn't put down and I have had to confiscate from his bedroom at bedtime. This book has no plot, no testing value for school (at least that I know of) and has probably not ever been read front to back.

The name of this wondrous, Eli appealing piece of literature? Our local phone book. Yep. The phone book. He spent 2 hours on the couch reading the town names, finding our town, finding his friends names, family names and talking about the other town names he recognized.....TWO HOURS! and I'm not kidding about having to take it away at bedtime.

I'm probably in the running for bad mom again as after the first 30 minutes of answering his questions, spelling names and giving him a local geography lesson, I banned him from talking to me about it. No, it didn't stop him talking to me about it but it did make me feel less inclined to hold my own book burning. I'm moving the phone book out of the drawer in the kitchen and hiding it....hopefully if we really need it I'll be able to locate it or maybe Eli will have it memorized.

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