Friday, December 30, 2011

When Adding Children To Your Family

One of the lighter topics in the whole adoption process that should be thought out in one of the less stressful "down times" ....yep...I know there are none of those before, during or after adding children to your family. I thought to amuse myself.

I love to take pictures of my kids, they generally tolerate it for about 15 minutes...or they have...I think we are reaching the extent of putting all 5 kids in a single photo. Getting all of them in one place, at one time with "mom appropriate" picture taking clothing is tough. Then we deal with the thought process of all 5 that says they should have a say in every pose....why don't they understand that this is their opportunity for mother brownie points? Then if you are so fortunate to press them into one shot you can run the risk that all of them may not come out alive.....siblings are tough.

Come to think of it...after a certain number of kids I think that parents should attend a circus orientation. It would fit in perfectly. Balancing a tiny line of patience, braving the scary teeth of a lion rivals getting your 10 year old son to brush his teeth, a large net is often needed for the parents to either fall into or have thrown over them as they are carted off to the funny farm, and then there is the monkey act....also known as family photos...yep think I'm running off to join the circus.....there are a couple new photos on the'll notice the brother/sister separation....I'm not quite up to Ringling Brothers standards during holiday season!

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