Monday, January 2, 2012

The Best Lie I Ever Told My Kids

As a parent it is always a step forward when you recognize when to and not to lie to your children.....jolly old man in a red suit would be a good example.

The absolute best lie (let's call it what it is) I ever told any of my kids ....older and newer....was that mom's have a special superpower and have invisible eyes in the back of our heads. Creepy...kind of, underhanded....most definitely....sure to make your child think two or three times before trying something behind your back...absolutely.

This is the lie that I told the boys approximately 6 months after we brought them home. They never did figure out that the eyes in the back of my head is the rear view mirror. They also can't connect that just because they may be out of sight I still possess pretty good hearing abilities.

Today during the "last day home before we return from holiday break cleaning extravaganza" Eli was overheard telling Lucas...."Dude keep going, clean, pick up..; KNOW mom has those special eyes. She SEES EVERYTHING!" Yes. My best lie ever!

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