Sunday, December 27, 2009

No Touchy - No Touchy!

Ok we are all stir crazy from cabin fever and too much snow......"No touchy, no touchy" is the new screaming motto in the house. It is screamed, shrieked and giggled at a constant and repetitive rate.

First it was the boys who would scream it when the girls tickle them, then it was the girls shrieking it when the boys run by and poke them then it is giggled (how can giggling be so LOUD) when it's a game of tag as they all 5 try to catch each other to tickle, poke and generally annoy one another.

Enough we are venturing out to see if we can make it to the highway and if successful we are going out to lunch - Lucas is appalled by this as he has come to the unfortunate and totally wrong opinion that all food should be made in our kitchen, by me. Oh son, you've so much to learn.

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