Sunday, January 19, 2014

I'm White! No You're Red!--

A person never knows what activity or conversation or argument you may be subjected to upon entering our house.  The screaming declarations of "I'm white!" and "No, you're red!" greeted me after work on Friday.  I admit it stalled me at the door.

I'm was thinking....okay they often have a conversation of "what are we?".  Usually it's generated from a remark or happening at school, so I figured that was the origin.  I went into the living room to investigate and offer guidance....I have to admit that the "no you're red" statement had me stumped.

There was no worry that I would have to pull out my cultural, ethnic explanations as what I found awaiting me, were Lucas and Eli playing X-Box Soccer.  They were screaming about what color their individual teams jersey's were......I left them to it.  Some arguments about color do not involve mom's participation.

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