Friday, November 1, 2013

Writing the Memories

No matter how your family has been created I would encourage all of you to contemplate the following.  If for some unforeseen reason you were to no longer count on your memory to pass on your history, family stories or day to day happenings, what would you do?

This is something that has been very much a part of our lives these past three weeks since Lucas' injury and memory loss.  While his memory is much improved, there are gaps.  Lucas was the chief caretaker of he and Eli's memories of the Philippines.  He has related stories on their birth family, orphanage, friends and caregivers, day to day life, feelings and thoughts as they waited for a forever family.  When those memories were temporarily interrupted and are still being recovered, it has driven home one very important thing....all those times that I've felt too tired to write another one of their stories or memories, every time I've thought "oh I'll write that later"....and then couldn't remember what it was or never went back...those memories could be forever gone in the blink of an eye and one more piece of Lucas and Eli's lives would be missing.

In adoption especially at the onset of the process there is a lot of talk about creating life books.  I have to admit the thought of undertaking more paper and writing was less than appealing.  I was horrible at keeping our daughters' baby books up to date, I knew I'd probably have the same track record in creating something like that for the boys.

I stumbled into blogging, initially as a way to ease the frustration of the process, then as a way to feel like I had something to do while we waited to travel, then as a way to hopefully let other adopting parents know what our journey has been like for us.

In the last 3 weeks I've come to realize that while this journaling has not been perfect, consistent or all inclusive it has provided a source to record their memories, a history that could have easily been lost through injury.

So, I'd like to encourage all of you to write, record or share in whatever form you are comfortable with.....but do it, record those precious memories, preserve your history and those of your children.  You can never know when those documented memories may be needed to be recreated in an effort to keep your family from losing a precious piece of their lives.

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