Saturday, November 2, 2013

Heart Stopping

I wish for each of you to have someone like Eli in your lives.  He is quite frankly amazing.  He is a gentle soul, full of mischief, humor, orneriness, intelligence and insight.  Amazing.   In these last few weeks while Lucas recovers, Eli's lost a little bit of his spontaneous humor.  I'm glad to report that this evening we saw our first glimpse of it's return.

We treated the boys to Chinese food.  They would eat it every day of the week. for 3 meals a day if we'd let them.  If we throw in chop sticks it's better than Christmas morning.  I gave up waiting for them to finish their 3rd helpings and started cleaning up.

Twenty minutes later I hear them push their chairs back with accompanying loud groans.  Eli then says,  "I'm so full my heart has stopped.  I know it doesn't have room to beat, my stomach is pushing on it!"  Forget how hard I laughed, Luke laughed harder and that is a sound that's been scarce lately, it did this mom's heart good.

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