Friday, October 4, 2013

They Make The Day Better

As frustrating as our children can much worrying as a parent does (no matter how old the kid gets)...there are those days that make you fully appreciate your kids.  I don't know what our lives would be like without all 5 of them in it......okay that's not exactly true....they'd be duller and slower and no where near as interesting.

Today was a day that I hope to never repeat.  It started out tough and got worse.  By 3:30 all I wanted to do was come home and hide my head under a pillow....well that wasn't happening.  I picked Lucas and Eli up at school and before we made it back to the car, they had my day pegged before even asking.

We're starting to reach that point where for brief (I do mean brief, they are teenagers) periods of time, they can hold down a serious, heartfelt conversation.  We got home, they unloaded their book bags, put stuff away and brought me a drink (no not that kind) into the laundry room and told me to sit down and relax.

Now that is the point where the teenager genes kicked in and they went to ride the go cart.  But I think, in it's own way, that was taking care of mom too.  Clearing the house for some peace and regrouping time.  That is as much peace as you get listening to them scream, laugh and rev engines requiring me to keep checking outside to make sure everyone is still in one piece....even that helped to lighten the day.

So to this day that kicked my butt, I'm through with you and I'm calling it family night cause family is a whole lot more important and caring than anything that I could drag home at the end of the day.

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