Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mom! Just Look At This!

Our nice fall weather is swiftly coming to an end....therefore every outside chore known to man has to be accomplished today before we leave for a football game at 2:00....did I mention it's 45 degrees outside and most of these chores could have been done in our nice, comfortable 75 degree weather this past week...but I digress.

Once the boys were convinced that yes they did have to wake up and start moving, then came the "I can't find warm clothes to work outside" dilemmas.  That stall lasted about 5 minutes or until my patience left and choices suddenly became available.

As I was making a pot of coffee, I hear what had to be a moose walking through our house, as people can't possibly make that much noise.  I turned around and there stood Lucas with his arms out to his sides and mouth hanging open.  "Mom!  Just look at this!  What happened?"

This would be one of those times that he refused to let me take a picture....I really wanted a picture....he had dug out warm clothes from last spring and to say they no longer fit is an understatement.  The jeans were 4 inches above his ankles, what were supposed to be long sleeves stopped 3/4 of the way to his wrists and the sweatshirt now looks like it was cut off at his belly button.

He's been so proud to pass his sisters in height but didn't realize how that translates to other things.  Some of his favorite clothes no longer fit and he was not impressed.  No matter how much tugging he was doing on the clothes there is no doubt they will not be fitting him again.

As a small side note to the chores....apparently those involve every piece of machinery, tool and vehicle we have...3 lawn mowers, 2 chain saws, trimmer, tractor and rope...I'm doing laundry it just seems a wiser choice.

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