Monday, October 21, 2013

The Next Phase of Recovery

Today was another step in Lucas' recovery process.  By meeting with the brain trauma specialist we have a working plan to help him in his recovery.  It is a combined effort of home, school and specialists and most importantly Luke providing the hard work of slowing down, no physical activity, no basketball, no video, telling us and teachers when he needs to stop and rest.

The doctor explained that in 85% of cases like Lucas' the injured person will recover ground lost in about a week.  12% will take about 3-12 weeks to fully recover and then there is the undetermined 3% that go beyond that time frame.

He expects Lucas to come in to that 3-12 week mark.  Due to his continued loss of names and pieces of his memory and English he felt that his degree of injury was more severe than initially determined.  He said that Lucas recalling information, going to sleep and waking up sometimes remembering that information and sometimes not should also be considered average for his injury and that should rectify itself. Basically, REST!

He still tires easily, gets headaches although not as severe and tries desperately to hide what he does and doesn't know.  He tells us he is embarrassed to let people know he doesn't know their names.  For now we continue to take school one day at a time, we encourage him to rest (wish us luck).

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  1. Wishing all of you lots of luck, patience, determination and good humor! I can't even imagine how scared Lucas is, and how worried you are.