Sunday, October 20, 2013

Do You Suppose They Will Ever......

The six words titling this post run through my mind often in relation to Lucas and Eli.   The phrase runs a close second to my self commentary of, "because I said."  Thoughts beginning with the phrase, "do you suppose they will ever..." have a tendency to freeze me in my tracks, break my heart or leave me beaming with pride.  I wonder.

  • "Do you suppose they will ever say turn on/off a light instead of close/open the light?"
  • "Do you suppose they will ever learn to like potatoes?"
  • "Do you suppose they will ever pass a driving test?
  • "Do you suppose they will lose their fearlessness?"
  • "Do you suppose they will always have this close relationship to one another?"
  • "Do you suppose they will go to college?"
  • "Do you suppose they will be taller than average Filipino males?"
  • "Do you suppose they will always be worriers?"
  • "Do you suppose they will adopt when they are older?"
This list goes on forever.  Some are trivial, some are frequent fliers through my brain.  Some are generated from frustration, having explained something a billion times and not getting through.  Some are generated by a sense of awe at their abilities to cope, adapt, accept and move forward.

This past week with Lucas' injury and all the coping and adapting everyone in our home has been experiencing, the phrase of "do you suppose..." has taken on a life of it's own.  It is quickly being overtaken by "what if....."  When that pops in to my head, I try to quickly follow it by taking a lesson from our sons.  Cope, adapt, accept and move forward.  Do you suppose they will ever stop teaching us far more than we teach them?

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