Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grandma's Birthday Card

Today was my mom's 93rd birthday.  We took Lucas and Eli to visit for a few minutes between school and football practice.

We stopped to pick up a birthday card.  When I say we stopped I mean it is a major undertaking to shop for cards with either of the boys but when you take both it's full stop, read every card in the aisle and debate which will be the best choice.

I think it's safe to say the majority of people do not put the amount of thought that these two guys do into gift buying let alone cards.  Someday I'm thinking their girlfriends and wives will be very fortunate.

I did narrow their search criteria to musical cards as my mom's eye sight is very bad and I thought perhaps she'd be able to hear the card if not read it.  This helped but they were going through every silly singing card on the display until I noticed Eli step away and look at one card really closely with the strangest look on his face.

He brought it to me and said, "Mom.  This is the one.  I think grandma can see this one.  It has lights and maybe it will be bright enough."  I've never seen a card quite like this one.  It has candles that light on the inside and you blow them out and then Happy Birthday plays.

We gave it to mom and I wish I could have recorded her, Lucas and Eli as they opened, blew and reopened that card.  I'm not sure who was smiling more.  Here's the card....hope you enjoy it!

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