Monday, September 16, 2013

Did You Go To School? Do You Ever Want To Drive A Car? any age, from either side of the table, child or parent...homework is homework.  It can bring anxiety and frustration to the child and it can bring those same feelings to the parent.

The lesson I carried away every night after homework sessions with the girls was that I possessed neither the patience nor the intellect of a 5th grader.  School was easier when I was know back in the stone age.

The girls were savvy enough not to mention the fact that I did not always possess the answers or understand the exact "new" way of doing math.  All three girls possess a strong sense of self preservation...they kept quiet...the boys don't hold that trait.  They very clearly want me to understand my short comings as demonstrated tonight when attempting math of a 6th grader.

What possessed me to think I could aid the "brilliant" son with attitude is beyond me....come to think of it, if he's so smart how come he asked for help?  Anyway....his question to me, as I had to stop and think about a way to explain the directions, 10 different ways, was, "Oh. That's right, you didn't go to college, you just graduated high school.  That's probably why you have to think about it."

Really.  Really!  The immature part that only graduated high school wanted to tell him good luck figuring it out.  The more mature mom who is supposed to take the high road and help him no matter what goof ball things come out of his mouth prevailed.

Now that is not to say that one day when he's wanting to take the car that I won't suddenly remember this shining moment and see how fast he can back track from his statement.  Then we'll talk about borrowing the car.

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