Saturday, September 21, 2013

Being a Man

It's a rare thing to have either Lucas or Eli solo.  Circumstances arose this week-end that put Lucas and I in the car for a quick (30 minutes each way) grocery run.  It's always an eye opener and a brain perplexer to engage in these road trip conversations...and it's never dull.
One of many topics....more of a declaration came a mere 5 minutes into the car ride.  Lucas was babbling.....and I do mean babbling to the point where I confess I stopped listening.  I always know when it's important to him and time to tune back in when he starts the sentence with, "Mom!  You know..."
His statement of great importance?   "Mom!  You know I want to be a man that changes the world."  As a mother I'm thinking.  Wow, my son is aiming high, has goals and wants to be the best man he can be.  That is right up to the point that he follows his statement with, "or a comic book hero."  How quickly a conversation takes a new path.

For some reason I thought this declaration required some kind of input from me....ummm.....nope.  As I turned to look at him (in awe) this is what I find.  To give him credit he and his team had just played and won a great football game but really?....The kid can be engaged in a conversation and be in a sleep coma in 5 seconds flat.

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