Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Very Public Announcement

Any one who has had an opportunity to be around young children know that they will inevitably say something, at some point, in front of a ridiculous amount of people, most likely a boss, a doctor, teacher or minister that will not only embarrass you but will be remembered .....  forever.

That would be Eli's claim to fame today.  Our neighbor was having a farm auction, where there was a huge crowd.....maybe I should go back and explain that our community is not what you would call racially was a topic early in our adoption and one we talk about with the boys as they are one of few non-Caucasians in school.

For whatever reason today was the day that Eli decided to broadcast that fact to the auction crowd when he went with Mike and Lucas to load up some purchases.  Jumping out of the truck,  Eli looks around and declares...."Hey Luke!  They're all white!"  What on earth possesses that boy some times is beyond my understanding.  

Of course no one,  I mean NO ONE,  bothered to tell me about this until we were sitting at the supper table.  Of course it was preceded by Eli announcing to everyone, "Hey you remember when we were French?"  What!  Like I said the boy never leaves a room or farm auction unnoticed.

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