Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Project Is Planned

What else can the three males in the household dream up?  A look out tower/tree house (without the tree).  Why (you may ask) do they dream up huge projects a week before school starts in the middle of the starting weeks of football practice and my return to work?  Because, I truly believe, they are trying to drive me nuts.

So far the project has accumulated 2 out of 4 telephone poles, post hole digger, miscellaneous board, tools and a whole lot of big ideas.....and it's all piled a short distance from the drive way.   I promise if this "big idea" comes to completion I will take a picture...until then I'm choosing to ignore the mess and the idea and the planning meetings (I did nix the idea of it being constructed beside my nicely landscaped patio).  I also believe the girls and I will be going shopping when and if the project is actually started.

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