Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mom Check Up

Going back to work in the fall for school employees is stressful, fun, hard work and more hard work.  Not only for the employee but their families.  Everyone's routine has to change and it's not always smooth going.  Things that were "miraculously" handled (I can say that as I was the one handling them) are now left undone, postponed or left to others (who non miraculously don't understand the need until it's too late) to complete the task.

The past several days I've not been able to leave work on time and with errands and college supply shopping with Sydney, haven't gotten home until later in the evening.  With football practice in full swing, I don't see the boys some evenings until 8:30-9:00.  I don't like that, at all, and apparently neither does Eli or Lucas.

Last night after practice I found myself with two smelly boys on either side of me, patting my shoulder and asking how my day was and if I was tired.  Hmmm.  Ok. Boys.  I've got the message, home earlier from work, you need that to happen and work will be there.  Lucas and Eli, on the other hand, are growing up too fast and I won't miss out on that.

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