Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Comic Books Are Amazing

I'm interrupting our trip stories (I know you'll be disappointed) to tell you about the "amazing" trip that Lucas and Eli got to take this afternoon.  How do I know it was amazing?  They told us it was when they came back.

Rachel and her boyfriend, Ross, took them to one of Ross' favorite places, a comic book store, in Omaha.  Ross loves comic books, I think it's his goal to recruit a couple more followers.  I'm not sure which was more amazing the store, the comics, the ice cream or the fact that Lucas and Eli got to go with the "big" kids by themselves.

Eli's goal for the trip was to come back with a comic book big enough that he couldn't read it in a day.  Lucas was after the good guy comic book, oh, and it had to be a lot of pages.  They were both successful and happy.

I think we are going to have to work on a new descriptive word because the word amazing is being used a whole lot since the Florida trip.

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