Monday, June 10, 2013

Teenage Boys Are Not Humorous

With the massive amount of time we are spending in the car running to baseball games, we have been made very aware that pre-teen and newly turned teenage boys are not funny.  They think they are hilarious....they are not.

They tell jokes....that aren't funny....they think they are hilarious too.  They can make more body noises than any mammal alive and think they are geniuses in the making....they are not.  They think bickering is an art form that is also funny.  I've effectively communicated that this "humor" is a sure fire trigger to my mom button that if pushed too far will result in lost Ipods, tv, privileges and pretty much anything else that pops into my fried brain.

Tomorrow come rain or shine, double header or not, I know two young men who have an outside chore list that would make my "rise before the sun and work all day" father proud.  Hopefully it is a start to their understanding that the time to push your moms buttons is not in the car, late at night as she drives your carcasses home from the billionth game of the week.  They will learn this lesson well.

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