Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Meaning of a Hug

In the hectic after work, hurry clean up the house, start laundry, fix supper, clean up supper of last night, Eli managed to stop me in my tracks.  I was putting away the left over food and cleaning up from supper when in the middle of the kitchen, Eli stepped into my path with his arms out.

I said, "What's up?"  This is not the child that hugs without a well thought out or deeply felt need.  It took a long time for him to be comfortable with hugs and his initiating a hug is a well guarded luxury.

His answer,  "Just thanks for taking care of us.  I love you."  

For all the milestones this child has crossed and the progress he's made, his hugs are probably in the top 3 things that I love about him.  You know that when you are on the receiving end of them, they mean something.  They mean a lot.  They aren't given in passing, they aren't manipulative, they are amazing.

Next time you give a hug....make it an Eli kind of hug.  They mean a lot.

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