Monday, May 6, 2013

Baseball, Concerts, Field Trips, Graduations and A Wedding

Well spring has can't tell it by our weather but it has by the calendar.  The month of May is so packed with activity that we have to have a spreadsheet with our calendar in order to hopefully keep track of  everything.  Even with that there is massive juggling and having to choose between things.

This week alone we have 3 baseball games, 2 field trips, a track and field day, 6 graduations and a wedding.   I asked Mike the other day if he'd ever thought about what life would have been like if we hadn't adopted Lucas and Eli.  How quiet, slow and non rushed everything would be.  He said he couldn't imagine it and didn't want to as this is better than anything that may have been.

It is something that strikes me as an older adopting parent.  Our friends that are our age and whose kids, our older kids grew up with are now empty-nesters.  We are not.  We have (if possible) more going on than ever before.  It's something we talked about before we brought the boys home as a consideration.  It's not that our friends are sitting still, they have a world of stuff going on it's just not the same as what is happening in our home.  

I was watching television the other day and saw a commercial for a website on "training your brain" in an effort to keep your mind sharp.  It made me laugh, all you'd have to do is keep an active sports, school and social calendar and your brain would be screaming for a break.  Then I have a week-end like this past one.  I've been laid low by some spring "bug".  Eli and Lucas have taken care of "sick mom", as I am currently referred to, cleaned and cooked and played without killing one another.  They also frequently assured me that they'd take care of me when I'm old and will take care of things when we are dead.....nothing like incentive to get better when you're sick....boys are blunt and inspirational.

So if our lives no longer resemble what was or what may have been, I know that it is still a good path and one I'm so glad we are on.

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