Sunday, April 21, 2013

Your Sister Can Still Take You

It's been a few weeks since either Sydney or Rachel have been home from college.  To say that Eli and Lucas have become used to being in a primarily male household is an understatement.  The house is louder, messier and very busy schedules....I mentioned louder right?

Sydney came home for a quick visit this week-end before she goes back for her final few weeks of the term.   I think she was genuinely excited to see her brothers....for the first evening anyway.  After that I think the boys got it into their collective brains to tease, torture and TEASE her.

She handled it well, I thought about intervening but when witnessing a couple of "instructional" encounters which let me know that she was not out of practice in sister to brother communication I let her handle it.  Needless to say before going to bed Saturday night, Eli came up to me and said, "Sydney is coming home for the summer?  Man!  She's going to be the boss again."  I just didn't have the heart to remind him that Rachel will be moving home mid summer also.  Enjoy "boy" world guys now, the sisters are coming home soon.

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