Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowballs and Winter Excitement!

The boys totally didn't understand why they had to put on their coats as well as the coveralls, that is until they stepped outside with the negative wind chill. The expressions at school were great when they found out that all their winter gear had to come off before class time.

At first Lucas didn't understand that you don't take turns throwing snowballs at the other person's face while they stand still. Eli threw first while Lucas stood still, as soon as he hit him Eli took off down the driveway. Didn't take long after that for the battle to proceed.

Mike and Lucas in their snowball fighting stance, good thing Mike had his shoulder surgery or he'd be on the losing end of this battle!

This morning was very exciting for a lot of reasons. It was the first full day of school for Lucas and Eli and we also had our first snow fall. (We're in a blizzard warning tonight).
Last night right before bed I turned the yard light on so they could see the grass was covered - really big stuff. This morning they had to get up earlier than ever 7:00 a.m. as opposed to the 8:30 we managed last week. Needless to say doing anything fast was not in the cards until Dad said something about the snow then it was all about teeth brushing, clothes dressing and putting on the winter gear to go to school.
Of all the things they talk about snow -which a lot are from pictures and movies - they constantly talk about snowball fights. Great, not a problem at home but explaining that it's not allowed at school was to say the least received with much frowning.
They were dressed and ready for school 45 minutes early and out the door with Dad they went, the pictures tell the rest except that when we finally all made it into the pickup to go to school I looked over and the boys are literally covered from hats to boots in snow, then I look at Mike and he's in the same condition. Once again it probably should have been a learning moment when it was explained it's ok to get snowy but brush it off before coming inside or getting into the cars but how do you do that when the 49 year old sitting beside you hasn't learned that lesson either?

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  1. I was thinking of them the other day wondering what they thought of the snow. Loved the tooth story too!!