Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eli, the Pediatrician and Mom On Her Own

Today Eli and I took a trip to see our pediatrician as he's developed a cold, cough and still pulling at his ear. Luckily the doctor says he just picked up a cold but the good news was that the last round of antibiotics seems to have cleared his ear infection.... whoohoo! At least for now it delays a trip to the ENT.

Better even than the health news was the fact that Eli let a nurse check his temp in his ear.... I admit to my own small panic attack as this was a different nurse than normal and she didn't know about our previous issues, she moved right in on him and went for his ear, he gave her a "you must be crazy if you think your putting that anywhere" look, I asked her if I could show him the thermometer first, then he let her take the temp. When the doctor came in he sat straight as a board,no crying, whimpering or theatrics (Eli not the doctor) and let her check his ears, throat and chest!

I'm sure the whole thing would be comical to someone behind a two way mirror as two "seasoned" adults held our breathes and looked as if we were disarming a nuclear warhead but hey the family hasn't dubbed the boys the "Filipino Fire" for nothing.

Eli is so proud and we are too of how far he's come in 7 weeks. Now on to his Thursday eye appointment, if possible he squints worse than Lucas did.

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