Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I Am

Have I told you lately that boys can be really strange?  Or have I mentioned that their sense of humor is really weird too?  They are and it is.  Strange and weird.

If you'd ever want to know what is going through any of your children's heads, no matter their ages...it works on the adult "children" too....simply make supper, make sure to sit at the table and then hold on for the ride because you will learn the most amazing, ridiculous, heart  felt and goofy things about your kids.

Last nights' conversational extravaganza was how many names Eli could come up with to call himself.  Tuna, Michael Jordan, amazing, cabbage, super,  runner, smart are but to name a few.  Who knows where he dug these up.  I'm glad to see some high self esteem descriptions but am totally stumped by tuna....who knows...like I said weird but hilarious.  Sit down with your kids...you'll never be bored.

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