Friday, November 8, 2013

Donate My Organs

I bet you've found yourselves in a conversation that left you wondering how on earth it began.  I know where this particular conversation was a news report...about organ donation and a young girl who died in an accident and her organs were donated and the story of the recipient of her heart.

Usually Lucas and Eli will run from the tv in disgust when the news is on....after all a tv is only good for cartoons and x-box games...this time, I don't know exactly why they both sat forward on the couch and listened to the entire story.  When the news program went to commercial, oh how the questions started flying.

How, why, when, where, but why, to name a few.  Thirty minutes later, I'd exhausted every bit of the information I was able to give on the subject.  When something strikes these guys as interesting or important, they don't accept the easiest or shallowest of explanations.

Something that never ceases to amaze me, from the very first time we met them in the offices of KBF on a hot Manila morning, they exchanged "the look".  It is something to witness.  If you see it, you will know that there is a whole world of thoughts and communication going on between them.

Eli said, "I didn't know such a thing was possible."  Lucas, "Can anyone give their organs, even us?"  That began a whole new conversation about what they truly understand and what their wishes would be.  It's not a quick one, it's not one to have lightly and it can be a decidedly uncomfortable one but what an impact this girls' life and her families unselfishness following her death has had on two kids who didn't know the possibilities.

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