Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Discovering His Humor

Eli is hilarious.  He's funny when he's not even trying.  Usually his humor is reserved for those he feels comfortable sharing it with,  yesterday and again today he's decided he is comfortable with his new English Language Learner teacher.  It's taken him since the beginning of the school year in August to reach this milestone.

We knew he'd find it difficult when his ELL teacher who had been with both the boys since they started school, retired at the end of last year.  Eli needs to observe, figure out the person and personality, test them and then if they don't fail at any point along the way he may let them in to his inner circle.  Within the inner circle is a whole other world of hurdles in his trust meter.  He's a tough one but when you achieve it, you know it, a whole different world of Eli opens up.

Ms. Michael has entered the world of his humor....I feel for her because now she is the recipient of adolescent boy humor...Eli style.  Hiding behind the door and scaring her is this week's funny activity of choice.  Luckily for him she has a sense of humor and understands that she's crossed into his world of trust.  Now if we don't get a call saying, "Mrs. Pickle, please explain to your son that he can not be scaring faculty."

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