Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Timeline Project #1 In The Books

The much dreaded school project that probably 90% of adoptive parents dread....the child's life timeline.  We are definitely lucky that Lucas was the first to approach the project.  He's a little easier going with the unknown parts of his history and is content to draw pictures where he didn't have photos.  Unless Eli changes a lot in the next year it probably won't be the case.  He wants definitive answers and photographic proof.

I understand the concept behind these timeline assignments but I also think that in this day and time and societal issues being what they are that a different project needs to be looked at....too many of today's school kids have time lines with big blank areas.  Information missing from the process of adoption, the frequent moves of the foster care system or the restrictions of poverty that don't leave room for the luxury of photos.  I think the lesson that was intended is frequently lost in the uncomfortable, blanks that children must drag out for their classmates to view.

Changing the project won't change the facts but it does allow the child the dignity to keep what portions of their lives private that they want and share those details in the time and place of their choosing with those they choose.

Adoption "experts" extol the need to let the child's life story be their own and share how they chose.  Well tell that to a teacher with an assignment that is required.

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