Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Five Little Ponchos

No trip to the state of Florida and especially Disney goes without rain showers.  Once we made it into the great state of Florida and experienced a few of the thunderstorms (brief but mighty) I told the boys that we needed to buy some rain ponchos or suffer from soggy clothes.

They were both remarkably agreeable.  This is the conversation from the back of the car:
  Luke:  "You know Eli we had ponchos in the Philippines, when we walked to school."
  Eli:  "Oh ya, I love those things, they covered the backpack and kept stuff dry."
  Luke:  "Yep, but we only had 5 ponchos and there were six of us walking so one always got wet."
  Eli:  "Not me, I got in line first!"
  Luke:  "Oh ya, you did that a lot."

Needless to say once we checked in and got things around we went poncho hunting and we made sure everyone (except a couple of our older ones - Ross and Mark who probably are a little past the age of having Mickey Mouse plastered on their chests) has a poncho and all is good...now watch there won't be a rain drop in sight!

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