Thursday, April 18, 2013

IPod Is The Devil

To say that both Eli and Lucas are easily lured into video games, videos, movies, etc. is a simplification.  It is something that we monitor (or try) and frequently ban.  We keep trying to increase their personal responsibility in an effort for them to understand their own actions and bodies telling them enough is enough....yep so far that works better than other times.

Self regulation and understanding how their bodies and behaviors are affected is a big learning thing for both of them right now.  We don't think us taking every video related item away and banning them is the answer, it makes them crave it more, doesn't teach them self control and being able to "feel normal and like all their friends" is huge.  

I work in an elementary school and am astounded at the expensive electronic devices kids have at school.  We've never allowed any of our kids to take toys or games to school.  It's a pain for everyone.  That's not saying that our kids didn't and don't "sneak" it to school.  They are kids and kids try things.   I'd hate to know how much money walks into a school every morning in the form of student electronics....I always think..."Who can afford to have their kids walk around with that much equipment?"

The one and only thing that Lucas asked for on his birthday in January was an IPod.  We debated, we saved and he did get one.  After a few learning experiences where the IPod was grounded from him and parental restrictions installed he does well self regulating most of the time.  Not all the time.  He really, REALLY wants to take that dumb thing to school....."Everyone else does" is frequently heard.

He tried taking it awhile back, got caught by the mom patrol, grounded, served "no IPod" time and retained the experience for 6 weeks.  Last night, mom patrol discovered it again and now the IPod is in my purse.  Perhaps Lucas is not the only one having to learn a lesson.

Eli's birthday is in June.  IPod is the only thing on his list.  Thinking, thinking, thinking......we'll let you know.

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