Thursday, January 5, 2012


I really knew that the solution to the sibling bickering that has taken place this holiday break was to send them back to school. I'm not new at this. I'm simply amazed each and every time how thoroughly the first day back to school exhausts kids.

Lucas and Eli were both sacked out on the couch when I got home at 4:00. Pretty much stayed that way until supper, then ate, showered and climbed into bed. No fighting (except when it came to who was going to wrestle with the dog....our bassett hound was declared the winner) no annoying the sisterly units and no arguments at bedtime. Unfortunately experience tells us that they will quickly adjust back to school schedule and the sibling squables will once again ring throughout our unfortunate neighborhood.

Sometimes I need reminded that this in fact is a good thing considering for about the first 9-12 months home they were not comfortable enough to argue with each me they are now quite comfortable and excel in this area beyond all description.

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