Saturday, January 14, 2012

Long Ways To Go

This morning was the first Saturday we've had where we weren't running out the door to basketball or holiday shopping in forever. So what do the menfolk decide to do? Get up (loudly) and destroy the kitchen while creating breakfast. Does anyone know how making pancakes can encompass 3 counters, a stove top, the table and unfortunately the floor?

Once the feast was on the table our usual table time discussions ensued. Lucas is fixated on his 12th birthday in a couple weeks....Lucas is fixated on all his birthdays 12 months of the year....and thus began the discussion of how old will he be in what grade, when he graduates, when he goes to college, etc.

Sydney received her acceptance into her college choice this week so that is preoccupying a lot of his brain. Once again we tried to explain why people go to college, what college is and that not everyone chooses to attend college and why that may be.

Lucas' breakfast ending epiphany, "Huh. I got a LONG way to go!" Then he assures his dad that he (Lucas) will have a job and that dad can live with him when he's about 10 years. Well. That must mean Eli is taking care of me? Why am I slightly concerned?

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