Sunday, December 13, 2009

Communication vs Grunting

An observation that has been going on around our house since the boys arrived is the differences in our daughters and our sons. The foremost being their differing styles of expressing themselves.

Anyone who knows our girls know that they verbally "communicate" to the extreme. They've never been at a loss for words and live under the guidelines of the bigger the word the more powerful your conversations or at least you stand the chance of confusing the other person into your point of view.

The boys on the other hand seem to have mastered and perfected the ability to grunt and achieve ear splitting decibels in noise production.

In our very unscientific study of this phenomenon here are some observations:
  • they both seem to get their views across to their respective gender
  • there are more grunts and noises available for everyday life than words
  • the girls are appalled by these noises
  • I am appalled that Mike understands and has begun to use this same noise producing language skill (it's probably been dormant all these years as he either had to use words or never get a noise in edgewise prior to the boys arrivals)
  • A common spoken language isn't necessary when noises are universal

Our challenge now is to raise two boys into adult men who understand that communication has progressed since the cavemen and words are our friends. Save the noises for interacting with other noise producing humans - girls appreciate a guy who speaks or at least listens. As for the boyfriends and future husbands of our daughters - learn the art of communicating with words, they won't understand the noises and will assume that you agree with everything they say. Use your words!

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